In short, it’s like a digital choose your own adventure story mixed with a graphic novel. A visual novel presents the story with 3D renders overlaid with dialogue. During certain parts of the story, you, as the player, will have choices presented to you. These choices allow you to control certain parts of the story play out.

Absolutely. Volume 1 of To Be A King is currently available on & Steam.

To Be A King contains nudity, sex, some vulgarity, and mild violence. As an adult visual novel, there is a lot of emphasis on romance and relationships, including graphic depictions of sex. You much be of legal age to view this content in your country in order to play the game.

On Windows and Linux, it is very easy. Just extract the ZIP file, and browse to the game folder. In there you’ll find an executable which will launch the game.

For Macs, mount the DMG and run the executable.

Assuming you have already downloaded it, just extract it and run it. Your previous saves are stored in your operating system’s user profile folder, so there is no need to transfer anything from an old game directory.

Volume 2 is in development, with new chapters released on my Patreon as they are completed. Once Volume 2 is complete, it will be released on Steam and

I wish I had a date to give you. The good news is that development is the smoothest and most refined it has ever been, with new releases coming out regularly and quickly (for this type of work). The bad news is that the story keeps needing more. I plan to release new volumes of To Be A King around every 18-24 months until the game is complete. In the mean time, you can get the latest release on my Patreon page with completed volumes being released on Steam and