About The Game

To Be A King is still in development and released in chapters. New chapters are released roughly every few months.

The complete Volume 1 is available on Steam, or GOG. New chapters in Volume 2 are released on Patreon.

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Monthly Support & Latest Releases

Ongoing donations can be given through my Patreon page. This support enables me to invest in assets, new software & hardware, training, and pay the wonderful bills that come with living as an adult. In addition, it is the only way to get the latest releases of To Be A King.

In return for your support on Patreon, I offer the following benefits:

  • Early access to releases of my visual novel, To Be A King
  • Vote in polls on new content for To Be A King
  • Special renders available only to patrons
  • private access to my Discord server
  • sneak peeks at development renders, including NSFW ones

You can donate as little as $3/month, and you can cancel at anytime. i also offer discounts if you choose to be especially generous and pledge for a year. whatever you give, and for however long you give it, it is always appreciated.

How Your Support helps

3D Rendering is not a cheap hobby. I have expenses for software (about $200/month), hardware ($4000-$5000 every few years), assets for my visual novels and 3D art (usually averages to at least $200/month). This does not include my time, of which i invest dozens of hours every week to bring you excellent content in some form.

your support gets me closer to my dream of doing this full time, and, right now, paying for my expenses with this hobby. Right now, for an average release of my visual novel, To Be A King, I put in over 400 hours. that is one release. My YouTube tutorials take me anywhere from two hours to six hours to record, edit, and post.

Most importantly, your support shows you care about what I’m doing and value it. That is important for me, and helps keep me motivated when I’m pulling long hours trying to finish up a game release.