• ch10diana28

New Way to See the Development Progress

 December 18, 2022

I get it. You wish that To Be A King came out weekly. I hate that development takes as long as it does, but such is life. With animations coming to the game, very likely with the next release, the development cycle is getting a bit longer again. Since that is the case, I want to keep everyone posted on progress, and this time in a bit of a different way.

My old development tracker graphic was nice, but it isn’t as useful these days, with some items that could take me 5-7 times as long as something else. That’s why I’m opening up my Trello project board to everyone to see the progress. You’ll get to see what is on my to do list for each release, and when things are completed or in progress. If a card in Trello has a green label, I’ve finished that item. If it is has a purple label, I’ve started on the item. Simple as that.

Development is complex, and you’ll see stuff get shifted around and added as development goes on. Despite that, I think this is better to help everyone get an idea of how things are going. Development updates aren’t going away, and I’ll continue to let everyone from of any significant progress or setbacks.

That brings me to the final note here. With animations and a few other changes, development cycles are back to just a bit longer, even with me planning to do this full time soon, I’m hoping to get quicker as I go, but I’d say 4 months between releases is going to be the average for at least the next couple of releases. The good news is that, for those on full harem, these releases will be larger as I’m working on including as many paths per release as I reasonably can.

You can view the new development progress board here, and there is also a link in the main menu of the website. Now, back to my “holiday break.”